The Credit Guy

The Credit Guy

The Ins and Outs of Travel Reward Credit Cards

I’ll fill you in on the pros and cons of travel rewards credit cards. Sure free travel sounds like a dream come true, but is your lifestyle suited to a travel rewards credit card? Many times cardholders aren’t maximizing on their points earning potential because they don’t know all of the ins and outs of the fine print on their travel rewards program agreement. I will show you the tricks of accumulating those travel rewards points so that you can redeem them for airplane travel, hotel accommodations, rental cars and entertainment. I’ll help you make an informed decision before you sign on the dotted line.

The Credit Guy: Novelty Plastic to Pimp Your Wallet

The vast majority of the North American population lives off their credit cards. Worse yet nearly half have incurred serious credit card debt as a result. However is it actually the fault of the cardholder? In many cases they don’t even know about the crooked scams that credit card companies have in store for them. Tricks like two cycle billing, higher than average interest rates, vague credit card agreements, and tempting credit limits that are far beyond what they could ever afford end up ruining credit card scores – and lives! Credit card companies make money off of the average consumer who isn’t aware of these scams, that’s why I intend to tell you about them.

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The Credit Guy: Here are Five Steps to Turning your Credit Rating Around

Millions of Americans suffer from credit card debt! But how does it happen? Over-spending, sudden job loss, illness, the same result occurs – a bad credit score and a bad credit future. However if you’re in debt, you’re not alone. Before you consider filing for bankruptcy, follow my tips for turning your bad credit around. I’ve laid it all out for you in 5 easy steps that will help you rebuild your credit rating. Mind you, you won’t see that credit score bounce back in a matter of days, but you will begin to manage your debt more effectively, and maybe even be approved for some better loans and credit cards in the future.

The Credit Guy: The Lowdown on Balance Transfer Credit Cards

A balance transfer refers to mobile debt, in other words moving the outstanding balance on your loans or credit cards – from one credit card to another. So what’s the harm in that? Well you may be taken off guard by balance transfer penalties or the fact that routine balance transfers can negatively affect your credit rating. However there are some good sides to balance transfers as well, such as the consolidation of your debt onto one credit card so you can manage it more conveniently. I’ll outline the pros and cons of balance transfers, and what you should look for in a balance transfer credit card.

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Poor Credit – What You Should Know About Bad Credit, Credit Cards

Poor Credit – Credit cards open financial gateways to all the purchases you desire – air travel, entertainment, hotel accommodations, electronics, entertainment and dinners at fancy restaurants. But if you have bad credit is your charging future over? If you have bad credit find out how you can convince a lender to give you a bad credit, credit card! This plastic is designed for those who’ve had credit troubles. Yes, you will pay higher monthly interest rates and maybe even additional fees, but this is your chance to prove to lenders that your poor credit behavior is behind you for good!

What customers should know about their credit reports

Know Your Credit Report – Your credit report is your key that unlocks the door to your credit future. A bad credit report means a key that’s cut wrong! Your credit report is kind of like your credit spending report card. Your credit report is kind of like your credit report card. It tells potential lenders if you’ve misbehaved with credit in the past by making late credit card payments, missing payments, carrying rolling balance over from month to month, or maxing our your cards on a repeat basis. If your credit report is bad it’s due to poor credit spending habits, and you might be slamming the door on your credit future.

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Are you cashing in on the full potential of your cash rewards?

Cash Rewards Cards – Free money sure is sweet, but are you taking advantage of the cash rewards credit cards available to you? These credit cards are unique in that they offer you cash rewards points that are redeemable for products for certain participating merchants – or cold hard cash! However a promise of free cash does sound too good to be true and cash rewards payouts aren’t always what their cracked up to be. Read the fine print before signing up for a card just for it’s cash rewards – or you may find yourself paying outrageous interest on balances carried over from month to month. You may also get stuck with an annual fee that’s just not worth the rewards in the first place!